Althea Karwowski, CPDT-KA will assess your dog's behavior, tailor a unique training plan and coach you to communicate effectively with your dog.  Althea uses reward-based, humane training methods that strengthen your relationship with your dog and make training fun.  An initial private training consultation includes a pre-consult questionnaire review, an in-person behavior assessment and hands on instruction and coaching.  

Some of the training areas we cover:

newly adopted dogs

shy dogs

loose leash walking 

leash reactivity (barking/lunging on leash) 

basics: sit, down, stay, leave-it and recall

door manners & polite greetings

crate training

settle on mat


Initial 75-minute private training consult - $150

Subsequent 1-hour training sessions - $110

Discounted package rates are available.



Sit Stay SF offers private training walks for dogs who are reactive, fearful or in need of focused individual attention and training.   

Walks take place in your neighborhood and are tailored to support your dog's training plans.  


Please inquire about training walk rates based on your dog's training needs and location.




Sit Stay SF offers overnight pet sitting in your home to give your pet(s) the care and attention they need in the comfort of their own familiar space.  Care includes feeding meals, administering medication, play and affection.

Pet sitting outings include a morning walk, an evening walk and a bedtime potty outing.  This service is designed for clients who have an existing dog walker mid-day, either Sit Stay SF or another dog walker.  If mid-day outings are needed, please inquire whether our schedule can accommodate them and when possible we will provide a mid-day outing at an additional charge.  

Check-ins and photos are happily provided to you via email or text.


Starting at $125 per night.  



Sit Stay SF is committed to giving our full attention and comprehensive services to your dog.  Our refund and cancellation policy helps us to plan our time to do so.  

Pet Sitting:

To schedule pet sitting, a deposit of 25% of the total bill is required.  This deposit is refundable up to 7 days prior to your scheduled pet sitting.  Sit Stay SF is not able to refund deposits for cancellations within 7 days of scheduled pet sitting.  

The remaining 75% of the pet sitting bill is due upon the first day of pet sitting.  

Dog Walking:

Dog walking is offered as a reserved service for your dog on an ongoing basis.  Billing occurs on a monthly basis and begins prior to services beginning.  To cancel ongoing dog walking services, 7 days notice is required. For full-time walk clients: within a year, 5 walks can be cancelled with a refund.  In order to maintain our availability for your dog’s scheduled walks, Sit Stay SF cannot provide refunds in addition to those allocated 5.  

Sit Stay SF will work with you to schedule the days and times of your dog’s walks each week.  To guarantee availability, Sit Stay SF cannot change walk days/times on a week by week basis.