Althea Karwowski, CPDT-KA is the owner and operator of Sit Stay SF.  Althea is a certified professional dog trainer, group class instructor and dog*biz trained and certified dog walker, insured and registered in San Francisco. She is also certified in Pet Tech CPR and First Aid.  

Why Hire a dog*biz Walker?


Sit Stay SF uses only humane training methods while working with dogs. This means that Althea uses food, play and movement to reward dogs for behaviors like loose leash-walking, sitting, staying, heeling and being handler-focused.  It also means that Althea never uses pain, startle or intimidation working with dogs.  Althea uses safe and humane equipment like flat collars and harnesses, never prong collars, shock collars or any products designed to hurt, surprise or overwhelm a dog.  

Sit Stay SF holds the philosophy that it is the dog professional’s responsibility to communicate clearly to dogs what is being asked of them and to motivate them with safe and fun rewards such as food and play.  

Sit Stay SF is the product of Althea's love of dogs and enthusiastic commitment to ongoing professional training and education.  

Althea currently teaches Bravery Class for Shy Dogs and a free, public Shy Dog Seminar at the SF SPCA.  She has also taught Just the Basics and New Dog 101. She graduated from the SF SPCA Volunteer Internship Program, an intensive course of study centered on training shelter dogs.  This program included individual coaching sessions, study and demonstrated understanding of learning theory and dog behavior and training of shelter dogs at the SF SPCA.  Althea's training experience includes basic obedience, impulse control, classical conditioning to a muzzle, leash reactivity prevention and management, handling exercises and confidence building with shy dogs, and food guarding prevention and management.  Althea assesses behavioral problems, writes training plans, carries out training, and coaches dog guardians on their training.

Through the SF SPCA and on her own, Althea continually pursues learning about animal behavior, dog training, and the relationships between people and their pets. Althea's skills and commitment to understanding your dog’s unique needs and history will give your dog a personally tailored training experience.


Photography by Gregory Bartlett

Photography by Gregory Bartlett